Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Face

It's been a while since I posted anything here, so let's do it!

I drew the initial sketch while bored at the Salt Lake City convention, thinking I could use it for something in the near future.

I wanted to do something with a really heavy Mucha look to it, but without taking something directly from his work. It's about 3x5" at this point.

Then, traced the sketch for this line drawing....evening out details, changing things here and there....

Then, I blew the line drawing up to be much larger. Then tape a million pieces of paper together. (at this point, it's maybe 14x18")

Taped that crap onto the watercolor paper.

Transfered on there. You can see here that I decided to change her facial features jut a bit to look more "eastern European" or something.....also, I wasn't pleased with the rose that I drew, so I took a different approach.

After the first night of painting....maybe 3 or 4 hours in.

after about 4 or 5 more hours.....The final product! 16x20"