Monday, June 6, 2011

Some new paintings

I've decided not to continue with the "in progress" artwork and painting stuff. Every blog I see these days is doing it, so it's taken all the interesting aspects of it away, in my opinion.
So, from now on, I guess it's just more self-serving promotion.
Come get tattooed by me!! Buy artwork!!

I originally planned to paint these on wooden planks with acrylics, and I got mostly finished with two of them before realizing that they looked like total junk, so I started over with liquid acrylics on paper.

These are all hanging the entire month of June at my favorite bar and restaurant in Richmond, 821 Cafe.

-...and when i die, i want to go to hell-
roughly 22 x 37"
liquid acrylic on paper

(detail of tarot cards)

-Don't you remember every shitty thing that you've ever done?"
Roughly 23 x 37"
liquid acrylic on paper

-I crash down-
roughly 23 x 37"
liquid acrylic on paper

Roughly 18 x 25"
liquid acrylic on paper.