Sunday, April 25, 2010

some drawings and tattoos.

I was poking through some files earlier and found a few things that I thought might pertain to the original intent of this blog, which is showing some artistic progress kinda thing.

These are mostly old tattoos and paintings, coupled with part of my original sketches.

Virgin mary sketch

Finished stickers on candles.

If it's not right the first time, do it again!

Finished Bob Roberts worship painting.

Abby and I are comedians.

Sometimes, it takes so long to get it just right that you don't even want to do it anymore.

lettering is especially frustrating....

line drawing for the stencil.

color study...

finished, healed tattoo.

Not quite finished yet...

My first sketch for Ashley's neck tattoo.

my first couple of sketches for a commissioned painting of a wife and child.
Working on the layout here.

The first round of blacks and greys....

..and the finished painting.



first few ideas....

Finished work.

Not my usual style. Done for a benefit for a friend with cancer.

done in colored pencils.

bird friends.
2007, I think.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Eventually, I'll paint or draw something for this blog, and get back to the reason I started it in the first place.
Until then, here is more boring stuff about my life.

I hate driving cars, so I ride scooters instead.

I found this beer koozie in a drawer in my house.

My new ride.

I took a trip to the dmv. Look how interesting it was.

Here's a tattoo I did on Miles the other day.


Sometimes I miss Providence,so I go back and make tattoos, eat good pizza and hangout with good people.
This trip, I worked with the fine folks at Providence Tattoo on Angell St.

My second night in town, I got all nostalgic and drove around the city for hours, visiting all the old sights and stomping grounds. I started taking pictures of some of the more choice spots...but it was dark and the camera on my phone sucks, so all you get is a too-dark picture of the place that was the very worst apartment I have ever lived in.
308 Williams st. in Fox Point. Wretched are my memories of that place. You win, broke my spirit every day for the entire year of 1997 into 1998.

On a more positive note, I found a cool picture of my Grandfather, Alfred Liberte.

I drank about 3 of these a day.

Here are just a few tattoos I did that week:

Salt Lake City

The weekend after Baltimore, Fred and I flew out to Salt Lake City for more tattoo action.

Everywhere you look, the view is like this.

Downtown had fancy light posts.

The fellows from Jack Brown's had delayed flights, so Mr. James Cumberland had to make due with an impromptu banner.


In February, we worked the Baltimore Tattoo Convention. Unfortunately, mother nature decided to drop about three feet of snow on us that same weekend.

While stuck in a crappy hotel for 4 days, we decided to make the best of it.

Providence and Richmond hug it out.

There were girls doing filthy things in that window with the light on.

I swear we did not throw pillows, pizza boxes, beer bottles or snowballs out of the window....nor at the plasma tv screen....

The snow was so bad, there was thunder and lightning mixed in. Thunder snow scared the crap out of me.

Those are cars on the right hand side of the photo.

Tom shows his love for Phil. Phil is pleased.