Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ashly's backpiece

Here are some "step by step" pictures of a backpiece I just finished on Ashly.
I wanted to take a photo of every session, but it slipped my mind after most of the appointments, so it's not quite every step.

Each session was roughly two and a half to three hours each. A few shorter, a few longer depending on our moods and schedules.

Here's what we had to work with. Since she already had some work from various tattooers, I had kind of an awkward space to work with.

She wanted to cover up the geometric shapes in the top left, but make everything else look like it belongs with what we were adding.

My first basic sketch

First day, outline done

Finally done, but I wanted to wail until the background wasn't so fresh to take good pictures.

Finished and about 2 months healed!!
The whole process took about 8 months.

Thanks, Ashly!!


  1. you're very brave and patient for this tatt!

  2. May i include this huge back tattoo on . Its amazing.

  3. Huuuge and very detailed, very nice indeed!

  4. Wow the artwork/detail is seriously incredible! Have you heard of the new documentary Tattoo Nation? It follows the story of three super influential names in the tattoo world: Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy, and Freddy Negret and how they helped revolutionized tattooing in America.

  5. Wow it really nice tattoo. Thanks for this nice blog.

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  7. I must say the tattoo is really outstanding and I really liked it. I guess it took hell of time to complete the tattoo.


  8. I like how the completion of tattoo was documented. The abstract design she has on her back speaks well.

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  10. Dang 8 months is a long time, what an undertaking. Pretty awesome finished product though nice work!

  11. Wow this must have taken a lot of skills and working out before the design was started. i wonder how lon git took in total and how much it cost?